Oncall is the on-call management and scheduling system at LinkedIn.

It offers highly customizable scheduling for on-call shifts, as well as a streamlined UI for editing, swapping, and overriding on-call shifts.


Powerful, customizable scheduling

  • Oncall includes a round-robin scheduler that supports complex scheduling templates and respects conflicting events.

Scalable, comprehensive notification system

  • Shift start reminders ensure users are informed when their shifts begin.
  • Notifications on event create/delete/update let users know immediately when one of their shifts has been changed

REST API built for easy integration

  • Oncall sports a fully-documented API easily targeted by third-party applications to schedule and modify on-call shifts.

Native support for follow-the-sun shifts

  • Sharing on-call shifts across time zones? Built-in support for interleaving 12-hour events make split day/night on-call shifts easy to create and manage.

Clean, intuitive interface

  • Oncall’s click-and-drag calendar makes creating and editing events easy, and its SPA design is both smooth and performant.

Effortless shift substitution and swapping

  • Built-in UI shortcuts make swapping shifts or substituting in for another’s shift quick and painless.
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